Wayne Haglund
watercolours, pastels, acrylic, chiness painting and lino block prints


Great WORK!
Cari Cousin Vandecoevering - 7 May 2010
Ignore my last e-mail--the images were small because of my own computer's settings.
Jerre Paquette - 20 Dec 2009
Love your work, Wayne and am sharing it with everyone within twenty feet of my computer! Wish we could seem them a bit larger--any chance? Jerre Paquette December 20 2009
Jerre Paquette - 20 Dec 2009
Wow - very impressive!!
kathleen turnbull - 8 Dec 2009
Your HooDoos look really good. ;-)
Steve Swettenham - 24 Nov 2009
I must say I am most impressed. These are beautifully done.Bio is just the "best" as well good for you, you don't waste a minute I see.
frances ekvall - 25 Sep 2009
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