Wayne Haglund
watercolours, pastels, acrylic, chiness painting and lino block prints

Wayne Haglund



             Wayne M Haglund

 Wayne Milton Haglund was born in Minnesota (1938) in the days before TV and video games when rainy day activities that busied young people was either reading or drawing.  He choose drawing, his brother choose reading.  In Grade School through High School he was always busy drawing this or that, either for reports or just for fun.  As adulthood appeared on the horizon, serious thoughts of education and employment training became more relevant.  University called and he answered in geology and enrolled in Portland State University, Portland Oregon.  A few art courses in painting and art history during University days helped sustain his interest in art.   Marriage, family and an intense interest in geology consumed his time and energies.  He holds a Doctorate Degree in Geology from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  Wayne retired from Mount Royal College in 2004 where he had spent nearly forty years teaching geology, leading fieldtrips and doing research.

His teaching and research has taken him throughout most of western North America and to many parts of Asia and Europe.  He has seen the geology of the regions with two eyes, one geologic and the second artistic.  His geologic training has given him a keen sense of the cause and effect of the geology in the areas of his travels; and his artistic eye an appreciation for the form, colour and patterns of the landscape.

Now upon retiring from the practicing and teaching geology he has renewed his passion for art.   With the increase in free time he enrolled in various art classes and workshops.   Basic drawing classes at ACAD began this new journey.    In 2006 he enrolled in the University of Calgary’s Visual Arts Program offered through Continuing Education where he happily wallowing in an eclectic collection of courses, materials and techniques.  He graduated in the Spring of 2010.   Additional workshops and evening courses at ACAD and the University of Calgary have continued his art education.

            His art is representational with brief excursions into abstract interpretations and expressions.  The subject matter he most enjoys to draw and/or paint are the rock exposures, either naturally occurring or in road-cuts.  The sharp natural forms created by the joint planes, bedding planes and the outlines of the rock exposures use the line.  Wayne also employs the line extensively to define these natural shapes and textures.  He explores all media, but always with the use of “the line” in his art projects.

 Wayne is a supporting member of the Alberta Society of Artists and a member of Alberta Printmakers Society. 

His art is in several personal and corporate collections and is shown in the Mount Royal University Library Gallery and with frequent shows in Mount Royal University Faculty Centre.  He is a regular participant in the sales at the Leighton Art Centre.