Wayne Haglund
watercolours, pastels, acrylic, chiness painting and lino block prints

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                                                Wayne M. Haglund    


       My art is based on my geological training and experiences that include over twenty seasons doing geological fieldwork in “Badlands” of central Alberta and westward into the foothills and front range of the Rocky Mountains in western Alberta .   This experience has caused the rock exposures with all of their unique characteristics to become indelibly printed in my mind.  The soft, rounded contours of the hills and valleys along the Red Deer River Valley combined with their delicate dendritic patterns of rills and furrows carved lightly through the nearly horizontal beds of sediments to create a compelling complex pattern of shapes and textures.  The sharp angular lines and plane planes of the joints and bedding planes characterize the deformed and altered sedimentary rocks.  I use “the line” to define the shapes and employ a variety of media to include charcoal, pastels, water colours, pen and ink, acrylics and any combination that seems appropriate to the subject and to add value, colour and texture. 


                                                                                                                         Fluvial Cross Bedding